EEG Update; To be or not to be… it’s up to us!

So according to the neuro #2+++ “idiopathic staring spells” are common in severe autism and the prolonged episode we experienced after his EEG was not a seizure but rather my Boy’s brain shutting down from over-stimulation. Which is the OPPOSITE of a seizure. Okthen.

He felt that Boy’s “autistic spells” are mild enough in nature as they occur in daily life that they can be accommodated (rather than medicated) and that it is up to us whether we want the 24 hr EEG. Yeah-NO.

Because of the severity of my boy’s autism** (
**Cue Boy hiding under exam table and growling) he said that if we decide to do that he would like us to go to the epilepsy center, but again, because they are short and mild in nature, they would likely choose NOT to treat medically, even if the diagnosis were epilepsy. Which they can’t be sure it is. And can’t be sure it isn’t. Got that? Good.
So that’s a pretty firm yes/no/I dunno accompanied by a very adamant “move forward with life as you’re doing it”.

Additionally, (because there’s always more and it’s always an after thought) previous Drs who were unable to elicit post-rotary nystagmus and patellar reflexes may or may not have been incompetent. I didn’t share this with our pediatrician (who rotated under neuro #2) when we updated him yesterday. I’m thoughtful like that.

So…. odd reflexes that come and go? Who knows. Epileptic? Who knows. Idiopathic staring spells are ‘best guess’ by a highly revered Neuro? Um… ok.

On with the show.


+++Neuro #1 said that despite his obvious Challenges (cue Boy licking my shirt and rubbing his teeth on my arm) we are doing an amazing job and to keep up his therapies.


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