My Boy did some new things.


1. Got Legos wet yesterday at OT without screaming. He didn’t enjoy it, but he did it. He loves water. Loves. But wet Legos are poisonous. K? K.

2. He did not put on socks after getting his hands wet at OT. No, I don’t know. It his thing, k? K.

3. He sat down and played/shared with a male child he’s only seen a few times at OT. He lasted about 5 minutes. It typically takes us months of regular contact to get to this point. Dunno whuz up there.

4. He got himself a drink this morning. No biggie except 2 months ago he couldn’t even tell us (or seem to know) when he was thirsty. Now he’s getting it himself? Huh?

The kicker is though that this morning we are on orange alert. He’s seriously about to pop an anxiety rocket. Like his body/emotions can’t keep up with the new things his brain is doing.

He’s pacing. He’s verbally stimming. He’s screaming in spurts.

Let’s call this a psychic mommy warning;

Do not approach. 

Do not make eye contact. 

Do not speak unless spoken to. 

Stand ready.

Meltdoowwwwwnnnzz a comin.

Pic of my Boy yesterday in OT with a Lego Boat. In the water. His OT sent it to me. Because she couldn’t believe it.

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