Our local library has a “sensory storytime” for children on the spectrum or with other special needs. We went once last year but at the time we were still struggling with the whole ‘get in/get out of the car’ process. So we hadn’t been back. We’ve pretty much mastered that now so I signed us up again.
Welp… Sensory storytime was a bust.
The room was double booked so storytime was out in the kids area. And there were a LOT of kiddos there.
Okay like ten, but that’s 10x more than he can usually handle. And then add in the parents. And it was a different librarian. And there were drawers of shared Thomas and lego toys. Yeah.
He really did okay though until the bubbles. Bubble. MACHINE. That was just all kinds of exciting. So there he was, flapping his hands and doing what we call his “scarecrow dance,” just all kinds of happy.
Then it was ear hitting/face slapping panic when it was over.
We didn’t even get to check out the book he’d picked out. He was done.
Oh well.
We tried.
Pic is me carrying my 5 year old one BLOCK back to our car. Post-storytime.
Because I’m Wonder Woman.  And we all know it.

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