RIP London McCabe

I need to talk about this. I need to talk about this murder. I need to talk about this heartbreak.

I don’t NEED to judge her. A jury will. And everyone else. But I know that I also need to, instead of judging Jillian McCabe, spend my energy reaching out to other mom’s who have lost all hope.

Please hold on. Please, please, please. One more day. Make one more phone call. Please. Reach out your hand. Please

There’s always something to be done. Someone to help. Somewhere to go. Always. Even if you can’t see it. You have to believe. Hope.

As a group I ask this; let’s not condemn her. Someone else will have that horrible job.

Instead let’s talk about how she HAD been a patient. loving and caring mom. How her husband was dying. How she was facing homelessness. How she …. snapped…

And think about it.

I know humans are capable of horrible, horrible atrocities.

I know humans are capable of great beauty.

I believe humans are capable of being, and of creating, miracles.

I believe humans need help and prayer to be the better, and not the worse, of the race. They need support. They need hope.


Today I pray for myself.
I pray what I always pray: that my fears never outrun my hope. And I pray a new prayer: I pray that I do not ever know the despair or brokenness that could drive a mother to do such a thing.

I pray for all of us reading about this tragedy.
That we use our sadness to motivate us, not our hate. That we open our hearts and our minds and look around us for someone who might need us. That we think of London and that our eyes are opened and we see those who are desperate. That we stretch our hands out to them, offering them a boost. Preventing another tragedy.

I also pray for other mothers headed down her path.
That you reach out, and find, a strong hand to pull you back up onto a better path. I pray someone makes you a priority. That someone is there for you.

And little London.
Oh. My heart is broken for you. I can only pray that your end was swift. That you are at peace. And that you have an endless, glorious supply of hats in your new home.

RIP London McCabe.

London McCabe. Lover of hats.

For more on the story:

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