I’m Sorry

I’m sorry, baby.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you the attention you desperately needed this morning.

I know you need more of your Momma than some 5 year olds do. I know you struggle when my attentions are divided. I know that isn’t your fault or something I should resent. I know it’s something I need to remember when I’m planning our days. But I messed up.

Momma’s been messing up for a long, long time but I promise you, Momma is learning.

See, when all the smart teenagers and twenty-something’s were going to college, graduating, getting homes and growing up, I was doing my own thing.

I was messing up.

I withdrew from classes if I didn’t like the teacher. Or if I liked them too much. (Oh dear Spanish teacher. You cutie, you.)

I worked and worked and worked but more for the social interaction than to earn and save money. My focus was on talking and chatting and shopping and pretending to be a grown up, rather than actually growing up.

I was messing up. I wasn’t learning anything.

When I finally found a job I was good at I spent my time lording that success over others in an I’m-the-queen-of-the-universe kind of way instead of keeping my nose to the proverbial grindstone and focussing on getting and being better.

I wasn’t growing up, I was messing up. I wasn’t learning anything.

When you came along, brilliantly and surprisingly turning my world upside down, I wasn’t ready.

I’ve spent the last five years with you playing a viscous game of catch-up. Trying to make up for all the things I hadn’t figured out about life before you came. About who I was. About who I wanted to be.

I started learning.

I went back to school. I learned to stay with the class even if I was up working on assignments at 3am. If you woke I nursed you while I typed. I learned to stick with it.

Then I learned to research developmental milestones.

And I learned what it meant if they weren’t met.

Then I learned all about language disorders and fine motor skills and sensory processing and Thomas the Train.

Oh dear Lord did I ever learn about Thomas.

And then I learned about autism.

And I learned about you.

I still messed up but my messes were cushioned by you. By your curiosity and your hugs and your dimple. By your needs and your successes.

I’m still messing up though.

Sometimes I procrastinate. Sometimes I think about myself more than you.

Sometimes instead of stopping to think about what it is I have learned and what I should be learning, I mess up.

That’s what this morning was all about.

You needed my attention. You asked for my attention. You begged for my attention. And then you GOT my attention.

I messed up. I didn’t put you as a priority when I was busy procrastinating.

When my other responsibilities reared their ugly head this morning, your still-messing-up-Mommy had to fix it.

And I learned from it.

I learned that every time I mess up it isn’t just about my fixing it. It’s about me and you and us and our time together that I’m compromising. That my reliance on the adrenaline of procrastination and impending deadlines HURTS you.

I messed up. And I learned from it.

But I’m going to mess up again.

I’m going to forget something important or say or do the wrong thing or make a mistake. But I promise you that I’m going to keep learning from it.

I’m going to keep learning how to be a better mom.

A better woman.

A better human being.

Because of you.

P.S. Pic of my boy hunting zombies yesterday in the sunshine.

When he had my full, undivided attention.

P.P.S. Written while I was at the Drs office. NOT ignoring my Boy

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