My reaction to finding out my kids are Autistic? Relieved.

It was a relief for me, too. Good job, Momma ❤

My Crazy Little People

I’ve heard horror stories about Parents getting their Autism diagnosis for their kids, but for us it was a different story.

Looking back, I can’t tell you exactly when my kids regressed. I wasn’t looking for it. I had Tyler two days before Justin turned one, so to say I was distracted was an understatement. I tried my hardest to juggle between the two, making sure to read with them a few times a day, floor time, taking walks and talking about everything (now we’re putting on your shoes). Trying to split my time between both of them. They both progressed with the “normal” time frames for milestones.

It wasn’t until later that I could look back and see that they both regressed somewhere between a year and a year and a half. They slowly started losing language, becoming more rigid in routine and preferences in movies, food, toys and…

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