Because today he heard Grandma say the gelatin was on the same aisle as Jell-O.

And he’d heard of Jell-O before.


I blame YouTube.

So Grandma made him Jell-O.

And he couldn’t really manage to eat (new food alert) Jell-O.

So instead he licked it.

Peeps, we have so, so, so much Jell-O left.

Oh. And then he snuck into my room and chugged my kale juice.

Every drop of it.

Go figure.


Pic of my boy with his grandma. And Jello-O. And hands flicking so fast they’re about to fly off. Because he was THAT excited.

Oh. And proof he licked the Jello-O. Serious OT kuddos, kid. For reals.

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