Being Thankful

Being Thankful.

I don’t do the thankful posts as a rule. Not because I’m NOT thankful, but because I’m thankful for so much every day that it seems odd to point it out and never fully be able to express that thankfulness.

I mean, I’m thankful for toilet paper. So, so, so thankful. But how do you sum up all the emotions you feel about toilet paper. And indoor plumbing.

I’m also thankful for coffee. For. Reals.


And Outlander. Oh yes. Which means I am also thankful to Claire for introducing me to Outlander.

But the really, really big thankfuls that I need to write, facebooked and broken down for your newsfeed pleasure, just aren’t enough somehow.

I do though, think I should try. I think that I should try to say ‘’thanks’’ to the people who’ve helped me get here.

Because there’ve been a LOT.

I am not an island.

And while I often wonder at how I’m going to make it or where I can find more help or why our lot is rough, I could NOT smile every day if it weren’t for the amazing, marvelous, special people who have been a part of my life.

I know for every one that I thank I will be missing ten more. But I have never forgotten the kindnesses shown to me. Never.

And while I stop to say ‘’thank you’’ to these people that most of you don’t know and will likely never know, I also want to say that I hope and pray that each of you finds as many, or more, people to be thankful for.

I pray you are never an island.


Thank you Ms. Sally, for listening to me vehemently spew retellings of my Boy’s behaviors. Thank you for being the first professional to reach out and help my Boy. Thank you for helping him find his voice.

Thank you Ms. Morton, for telling me in a blunt, straightforward manner, that I could do this. That I wasn’t the first to do it. And that it was all going to be fine.

Thank you Ms. Kelly, for teaching my Boy that it was safe to play with someone other than Momma.

Thank you Ms. Karen, for laughing with and at my Boy and teaching him that ‘’work’’ is fun when your teacher cares about you.

Thank you Ms. Christie, for always finding my Boy’s dimple. No matter how long it took.

Thank you Ms. Melanie, for listening and for watching and for telling me I’m not crazy. Or.. well… did you ever say that or just imply it? Or just shake your head? Oh well, that’s what I walked away with. Ha!

Thank you Ms. Ro, for being the ‘’lipstick lady’’ that my Boy can’t wait to see. Thank you for the pretend play bursts.

Thank you Ms. Kassie, for being a light when everything seemed dark. And thank you for the squishing and the squeezing and the swinging that have made our lives easier.

Thank you Dr. Yetter, for listening to me and hearing me. For looking. For watching. And for acting. Thank you.

Thank you Grandpa Nut, for telling me I wouldn’t drown. That I wouldn’t be overtaken or swept away. That I would make it through. Because when you feel like you’re drowning, a loving voice reminding you that you won’t can do powerful things.

Thank you Kaysie, for being an empathetic voice of reason and a wealth of knowledge and resources. Oh, and thank you for the Sonic Limeade. It totally made my day.

Thank you Aunt Sharon, for bringing over cookies just in time to drive me to the hospital and for staying to welcome my Boy to the world. But.. um… sorry you had to see that!

Thank you Alison, for the pics of my Boy’s birth. I look at them every day. They remind me that at the scariest times I have always been completely surrounded by love.

Thank you Emily and Valerie, for holding my Boy when he took his first look at the world.

Thank you Andrea, for holding my hand.

Thank you Johnny, for teaching my Boy how to catch a ball and chase a frog.

Thank you Jamie, for helping me through that first week when the world was entirely too heavy for my shoulders.

Thank you Bubby, for being that safe, warm place my Boy can rub his nose into. Sorry about your shirt… but thank you 🙂

Thank you Nik, for being that constant, steady and straightforward man that my Boy can look up to.

Thank you Dad for cashing in your retirement so that I could have a place to live and raise my baby and thank you Mom for flying out to bring me home. And for being strong when I thought I was falling apart.

Oh. And Mom and Dad… thank you for every day since.

And my Boy, my Master Builder, my bullfrog in the bathtub, my Mr. Bubble Beard, my snuggler, my reason to strive for awesomeness… Thank you.

Thank you for everything.



P.S. Pic of Mr. Bubble Beard.

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