The best and worst part of our holiday.

Because last night the fam was playing Monopoly.

And for the first time I can recall, my Boy was COMPLETELY left out.

They tried to let him move some pieces but of course that turned into assault against the board, confusion, screaming, failed redirection and bathtime.

We salvaged it all by promising a family game of CandyLand at breakfast IF he went to bed.

Which he did.

And IF he ate some food.

Which he totally did.

And he woke up this morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready for games.

So I prepared everyone as best I could over breakfast.

Rule 1: We don’t go backwards. Ever. There are no punishments IN the game. Only rewards.

Rule 2: Only primary color moves. No extra details or complications. Please, please, please.

Rule 3: State clearly whose turn it is and involve Boy so that we don’t lose him. Or the board. Or our sanity.


And by the way.

We’ve never made it past 5-6 moves before, so don’t have expectations of finishing.

And prepare for a meltdown when he’s tired of taking turns.

And… Yeah.

And then,

Gloria in Excelsis,

he played the game.



He got the thing he wanted most yesterday and couldn’t pull off; he was part of the group.

With a role that he could play out.

This pic is a keeper for social stories and picture frames.

A goal for future get togethers.

I could cry.

Or laugh.

Maybe both.

It really is the tiniest things that bring the big feels, isn’t it?

I mean, he even cheated.

Poor Grandma, original winner.

We didn’t know only the blue piece was allowed to win.

New Rule #4.

According to Boy.




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